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The consists of Concrete mixer

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Haomei Machinery wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers come to visit our company for negotiates face to face. After the order, our company can provide project design for you. Buy concrete mixer, Haomei Machinery Equipment Co., ltd is the first choice!

Consists of Concrete mixer:

This serial concrete mixer is composed of feeding system, weighing system and electrical control system which is composed of three parts.

1) Feeding system: from the storage hopper and a feeding device, the main function is to store the material and under the control of the control system, to the feed hopper.

Feeding system in the form of: PLD800-1200, for feeding belt machine;

2) Weighing system, weighing system is the key part of the batching machine, composed of the weighing hopper, suspension device and a weighing system sensor, batching control instrument.

3) Electrical control system: electric control system is the core component of concrete mixer, its function is to achieve the whole weighing, concrete mixer display, operation and complete a variety of automatic mixing procedures. The system is mainly composed of two parts: batching controller and electric circuit. offers.

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