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Characteristics of quality concrete mixer

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Concrete mixer is a kind of machinery mixing the cement, aggregate and water mixture into concrete mixture. Concrete mixer includes the transmission shaft connected through the power mechanism and roller, the rotary drum driving by gear, the gear ring setting around roll barrel and setting wheel gear which meshes with gear ring on drive shaft. This utility model concrete mixer has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable, gear meshing gear ring, which can effectively overcome the rainy weather, supporting slide between the wheel and the mixer drum;


According to its discharging mode, concrete mixer can be classified into: rollover-type and non rollover-type. Rollover-type discharging by topping mixing drum, while the non rollover-type discharging by reversal mixing drum.


The function of concrete mixer is introduced briefly as follows:

1, it is uniform of the components as a macroscopic as well as a microscopic level;

2, bad cement particle agglomeration can promote the development of dispersion phenomenon;

3, bad cement particle surface initial hydrate film wrapping layer;


4, concrete mixer friction collision between particles of dust material, reducing thin films;

5, crossover frequency, high mix times and motion trajectory of each unit body to participate in sports, accelerate the homogenization. offers.

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