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The detail characteristics of drum concrete mixer

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At first, we introduce you the usage of the drum concrete mixer:

Drum mixer manufactured by Haomei machinery belongs to self falling type double cone reversed discharging mobile concrete mixer, which is suitable for mixing plastic and semi-rigid concrete. The mixing drum rotary forward to mixing, reverse to discharging, which can mix 350 liters per tank (refers to concrete compacted concrete volume), no hours can produce 10~14 cubic meters. This kind concrete mixer is applicable to the general construction site, road, bridge engineering and medium-sized concrete component factory. Fixed mixing, can be dug pit, the opening of the hopper is flush with the ground, feeding is convenient, greatly reduce the labor intensity.


Drum mixer produced by Haomei machinery has the following four characteristics:

1 Haomei drum mixer with novel structure;

2 have the advantages of high production efficiency, good quality and light weight;

3 Haomei drum mixer with artistic shape;

4 Haomei drum mixer is a kind of more advanced models. offers.

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